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March Panther Pitch

Posted Date: 3/25/24 (10:03 AM)

The vision of the Creston C.S.D. is to provide the foundation for students to become lifelong 

learners and positive, confident, and compassionate citizens.


Panther Pitch

Our schools are focused on the well-being and growth of our children.  I am proud of our staff who go above and beyond to make meaningful connections with all children.  Our staff spend their time, energy, and resources to touch lives and make a difference.  They avoid the political noise and attacks on public education and do their jobs very well.  I thank them for caring for all children.  I believe it is important to understand how we frame the political noise and attacks on public education.

Our schools welcome and provide all children with equal opportunity, regardless of their socioeconomic background, with access to quality education. We level the playing field by offering equal opportunities for learning, personal development, and growth. 

This legislative session has been turbulent as all public schools are on hold and waiting for the legislature and governor to set state aid (this is similar to a wage adjustment).  By Iowa Statute, the legislature is supposed to set state aid within 30 days after the governor's budget is released so districts can develop budgets, present them to their taxpayers, and set the budget.  The legislature is well past the 30-day timeline and district budgets and contract negotiations are in limbo.  We will get through this.

The governor, the house, and the senate each have different versions of teacher and workforce compensation packages intended to increase compensation.  Our district has a history of negotiating better-than-average settlements to support our employees and attract & retain staff.  The political proposals, on the surface, are favorable but without long-term sustainability, it's a poisonous apple.  We will get through this.

What about the AEAs?  Change can be a good thing when there is a baseline to support it and a comprehensive study on services, funding, and outcomes may provide the necessary insight to make effective changes.  Our district utilizes AEA services that we could not support independently.  We will get through this.  

In conclusion, despite the political noise and attacks on public education, our schools are strong and the staff is resilient.  We are progressive in our work and we will get through this, stronger and better than ever. Please visit the district website to view the schedule of events and activities and come out and support our children. Thank you for supporting our schools and making them the pride of our communities! 

Creston Cares, 

Deron Stender



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