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Kelsey Malmanger, Dean of Students 1-8

Kelsey Malmanger, Interventions for StudentsMrs. Kelsey Malmanger became the Dean of Students at Creston Elementary and Middle school in July 2022. Prior to that Mrs. Malmanger was a behavior consultant and teacher for Green Hills AEA in their mental health classroom, Rising Hope Academy, for two years. Kelsey began her teaching career in 2013 at Creston Early Childhood Center, where she taught kindergarten for 3 years before leaving the classroom for 2 years to get the family business started. Since returning to the classroom in 2018, Kelsey has also taught at West Central Valley Community School District and Winterset Community School District. She taught K-5 special education and K-3 behavior focused special education.

Mrs. Malmanger graduated from East Union in 2008 before attending Southwestern Community College. She went on to Grand View University to complete her Elementary Education degree. Kelsey completed her Master’s program in 2020 in Special Education from Northwestern College. She will be completing her second Master’s in Educational Administration August 2023 also from Northwestern College. Kelsey and her husband Chad have 3 children Chandler, Brooks, and Nash.