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School Logos 

At Creston Community School District we are committed to learning and the development of each and every student. Our Creston "C" represents our heritage and tradition of excellence in education. Our Panther mascot portrays strength, fierce competitiveness, wisdom, and pride. Our students and all members of our Creston Community School District Family are considered Panthers, focused on learning and striving for success for all. Our Panthers will continue to achieve and excel in the comprehensive programming we offer in the areas of academics, activities, arts and athletics. Our logo and mascot are symbols of all these traits and of our efforts.

Over the years, many different logos, panthers, and C's have been used on various school materials, uniforms, and clothing. In our effort to establish our school brand, to show our school pride, and to symbolize our school unity, we are doing our best to now utilize one common "C" and Panther logo as we move forward.