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Creston Early Childhood Center


Creston Community Early Childhood Center

Message from the Principal

Mrs. Callie Anderson

From small children come the promise of something big. Here at the Creston Early Childhood Center these small children are indeed the promise of our future. Learning letters, numbers, how to read, and the world around us are essential concepts at this level. However, we go one step further. Kindness, sharing, empathy and a desire for life-long learning are fundamental and yet another valuable part of our days at CECC as we strive to teach the whole child. Our dedicated staff set high standards for all children at CECC, as well as for themselves in the search for the best ways to reach and teach each child. Beyond the crayons and glue, snacks and band-aids, pencils and books, is that promise of something big from the small children at CECC.

Mrs. Callie Anderson, Principal


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