Spectator Regulations:


Family, friends, spectators, etc. cannot communicate with participants on the course until the final scorecard has been signed and their round has been completed. (Walking immediately alongside a player is deemed to be communication.) Spectators may cheer, applaud and offer words of encouragement to golfers, however spectators must adhere to golf etiquette when doing so. At no time may spectators provide any type of instructions. Spectators are allowed to assist a player in looking for a lost ball, but may not offer any rulings. Spectators must refrain from use of cellular phones on the course but may use them in and around the clubhouse. Any spectator disrupting playing the opinion of the Rules committee will be removed from the course. Competitors may be disqualified if in violation of this rule.


For spectators coming to Crestmoor or Pine Valley:


If walking with the golfers please stay in the rough/or tree line.

You may stay by the clubhouse and watch. 

You may rent a golf cart and follow the golfers.

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