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Deron Stender


I grew up on a large family-owned dairy farm in central Minnesota. At an early age, I learned the value of a strong work ethic and collaboration as being instrumental to the success of the family business. My father was active in politics and served on the school board. Through his example, I learned the importance of education and making good decisions. My early experience with education was not filled with supportive teachers and it wasn’t until high school that I felt a connection and experienced success. That positive connection inspired me to pursue a degree in business education and to become a teacher. As a teacher, I strived to create supportive connections with all students and inspire them to believe in themselves and be successful.


My post-secondary education began at a community college where I balanced academics and wrestling while earning an Associate of Arts Degree. I then earned my Bachelor’sDegree in Business Education from Moorhead State University, my Master’s Degree and Administrative Licensure from St. Cloud State University, and my Licensure as a Director of Community Education from Tri-College, Moorhead. I have completed all the coursework for an Ed.D in Education/Leadership and Administration from St. Cloud State University.

I have 25 years of experience in education that began with 9 years as a business education and technology teacher, coach, advisor, and a leader of FBLA. Throughout the summers, I worked in the private sector as a consultant and speaker on leadership, attitude, goals, and relationships. During my 16 years as an administrator, I worked 2 years as a K-12 principal, 1 year as an elementary principal/superintendent and 13 years as a superintendent. These diverse experiences helped shape my leadership style that is participatory and focuses on consensus building.

I am an extreme athlete and enjoy all sports and activities. I especially enjoy the challenges of training for and running marathons. I enjoy spending time with my family.