District Leadership Council




    The District Leadership Council (DLC) is a representative group of district personnel that advises the Board of Directors in matters concerning district wide school improvement that includes curriculum, assessment, instruction, professional learning, and technology.  




Functions of the DLC:


1.    Communicate long range plans relative to school improvement with all stakeholders.


2.  Establish and coordinate a systematic, on-going process for evaluating curricula, instructional and assessment improvements.  Develops a long-range plan for curriculum development and curriculum guide revision - with an annual review of progress and direction.  Assists in determining the effectiveness of curriculum guides in terms of their use.


3.  Act as the communication link across the district. Communicates the importance of teacher commitment in implementing the Iowa Core Curriculum and/or the standards/benchmark document from curriculum rewrites at the classroom level.  Initiates and manages publicity, subject to the Superintendent's approval.


4.  Establishes guidelines for subject area committees and approves work completed by these groups. Presents approved subject area committee recommendations for products to the Superintendent for approval.


5.    Make recommendations concerning professional learning.


6.    Recommend to the Superintendent the following items:

        a. What Subject Area Committees will be active for the current school year.b.

        b. What will be the specific staff's curriculum development responsibilities for current

        school year.

        c. What the staff's approximate time schedule for the year will be, including any special

        time allotments that are needed.

        d. Recommend any financial needs for the year's curriculum development.


7.   Keep informed of current state initiatives and national trends regarding curriculum and school restructuring.


8.    Establish yearly DLC  goals and objectives.


9.   Meets and communicates with the school advisory committee (SIAC).


10.  Establishes meeting dates and length of meetings.  Plans an annual calendar for SAC and Ad Hoc committee work.


11.  Develops, writes, and then reviews, on an annual basis, the Council Bylaws and the

district Mission Statement (in cooperation with others).  If changes, corrections, or

updating is determined to be necessary after this analysis, the DLC will make the amendments through consensus and present their recommendations to the Board of Directors for approval.