Welcome to Creston Community Schools!  We are so proud of our students, staff, parents, and community!  Together we are all focused on our local girls and boys and their learning.  We genuinely care about each and every student and we do our best to prepare our children for future success.  Our Panther Pride has been built upon the accomplishments of our students, our alumni, and everyone else involved with our schools. 

About Our District 

The Creston Community Schools serve roughly 1,450 students in preschool through twelfth grade.  Our district is an ideal size - large enough to offer a broad range of learning opportunities and programs while small enough to allow each and every student to be well-known. 
We currently operate 3 school buildings in Creston including the Early Childhood Center-Burton R. Jones Education Center (PK – Kindergarten, Head Start, & High Lakes Alternative High School), the Elementary/Middle School (Elem. 1st–5th Grades and MS 6th-8th Grades), and Creston High School (9th–12th Grades).  The Elementary/Middle School and High School are contemporary buildings located on the same, very spacious campus that includes outstanding outdoor facilities. The Burton R. Jones Education Center has recently been updated and is also home to our Central Office Administration and Green Hills Area Education Agency.


Academics and student learning remain our district's top priorities.  Our students also enjoy terrific community support for their efforts in the Arts, athletics, and in a broad range of student clubs and organizations.

About Our Community

Our district is located in the beautiful rolling hills of southwest Iowa.  As the regional hub of southwest Iowa for business, education, medicine, industry, shopping and recreation, Creston caters to residents and visitors wanting small-town service with big-town products. Creston has many interesting shops where there are always friendly faces and home-town hospitality.  We are proud of our local agriculture and farming heritage.  Agriculture continues to be a major industry in our area. Our community also includes several very active churches that welcome all guests and new members.
Together, we are a growing community. Since the last census in 2010 Creston has grown by almost 1%.   It is the largest city between Des Moines and Council Bluffs (2010 Census) in southwest Iowa.  From 2005 to 2010, Creston and Union County were one of the Top 10 fastest growing areas in the State. Our job growth during this time placed second statewide at 10.5%.  

Our community is focused on development, growth, and safety.  The Union County Development Association partners with our school district to provide outstanding learning experiences, connecting CAST (Communication and Service Technology) students with local businesses in solution-minded think tanks. Student projects are then based on real-world challenges and problem solving with support from the Iowa Authentic Learning Network.  Our local radio station, KSIB, has also provided significant support of our CAST Program learning opportunities in broadcasting, live-streaming, advertising, and promotion.  


In terms of safety, officials from all community law enforcement agencies, emergency responders, Greater Regional Medical Center, Southwestern Community College, and our district developed a rigorous All Hazards Response Plan.  The District has invested in a state-of-the-art school safety and security system and recently received a federal Stop School Violence COPS Grant for $500,000 to strengthen our already substantial safety and security system. 

Contact Us

Creston Administration Office

801 North Elm

Creston, IA  50801

Phone:  641-782-7028

Fax:  641-782-7020

Creston Early Childhood Center

Jr. Kindergarten & Kindergarten

901 North Elm

Creston, IA  50801

Phone:  641-782-2724

Fax:  641-782-5852

Creston Elementary

Grades 1-5

805 Academic Ave.

Creston, IA  50801

Phone:  641-782-1155

Fax:  641-782-6983

Creston Middle School

Grades 6-8

805 Academic Ave.

Creston, IA  50801

Phone:  641-782-2129

Fax:  641-782-6983

Creston High School

Grades 9-12

601 W. Townline

Creston, IA  50801

Phone:  641-782-2116

Fax:  641-782-9502

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